Our Story

Timeless Pieces

Little Stories of You is a childrens wear brand specialising in beautiful special occasion girl’s clothing and accessories from ages 6 months to 6 years.

Made from pure lines, organic cottons and exclusively designed prints, LSOY creates timeless pieces with a hint of nostalgia. The point of difference is each garment is carefully designed to have a long life span and become a sentimental item within families.

Our Vision

Our own story begins with a vision – to dress our girls for the little legacy we want them to leave and for the big future they so bravely chase.

The garments we make; these are their super hero suits. Timeless pieces of premium quality that don’t follow the traditional tropes of ‘girlhood’ but instead set a dress code for a treasured youth and a clever tomorrow.

And we make our clothing like we shape our future –with women at the helm. Sowing each stitch, creating each design, manufacturing each piece – embracing our smarts, together. After all, you can’t spell ‘empowering’ without ‘women’.

Today, we’re proud to be setting a dress code for a treasured childhood and a brilliant future. Creating timeless pieces of premium quality that can be adored by her now and cherished by you forever.